Friday, 18 March 2011

sHUT up

Well, the new hut is going up as I write. First class accommodation for a lucky new volunteer, with beautiful sea views, kindly provided with the hard labour of the Macclesfield cre8 group.

Becky and I have been viewing this from all angles, including in the sea, thanks to some super new pink wetsuits from Iona Community members ... thanks guys!

We've found that the new shack definitely fits the bill, especially when the other half of the roof is put on tomorrow. For the moment the workers have downed tools and gone on an Iona voyage, leaving their little boat 'Chutney' bobbing on the rising tide. Hopefully no tools are bobbing beside her.

Mary and wee Etinee have paid us a few visits this week -think we each managed to give her a hug, so she's getting used to camas already.

Josef's been pulling a tree out of the sea - good extra firewood.

Plenty of good weather to get out in the garden, check the pond for frogspawn, and generally see what's springing up. Emily and I heard our first skylark on the track. In fact I think I'd better make another track run now, there's plenty of wood needs collecting as it's still blimmin freezin, so need cozy fires at night.

Rosie x