Friday, 21 February 2014

In the beginning.... there was MUD!!!

The winter tends to go at a slower pace over here on the Isle of Mull. Hibernation takes hold and Camas staff are mere shells of their summer selves. But the daffs are coming up and the preparation for the new season is beginning. Before we know it we will be welcoming new and familiar faces off the bus. Last week we welcomed are new resident’s Abbi, Fran and Sophie to join Avril and Jon down the track. It’s been a jammed packed week of induction, training and getting to know each other. This obviously involved lots of laughing, singing and general frivolity.  We also headed on over to the Holy Isle (Iona) to get to know new residents running the Abbey and MacLeod centres. We were welcomed with many a scone, cups of coffee and a small amount of delving into our personalities via the medium of the Enneagram. Turns out we should get on just fine (well done us). 

So the team;

Jon is still heading up the team as Coordinator.
Sophie who many would have met last year as a volunteer has taken the role of Creative Programme worker, her experience ranges from sculpture to dance psychotherapy.
The lovely Abbi is our new Resident Gardener bringing loads of knowledge acquired during 2 years of growing goodness in New Zealand.
Fran is our new Activity and Expedition worker, bringing a broad range of experience of leading groups throughout the UK from Wales to the North West Highlands, on sea and on foot.
The sparkly Avril continuing her second year coordinating activities.

Yesterday we had fun digging a drain. It quickly turned into a very gooey, rock n mud soup. But the work seems to be paying off as Abbi reports that the drains are flowing and the ‘soup’ has settled to reveal silt. 

The hens appeared briefly for a photo shoot. In truth they thought there was food being served, on their plastic platter (spare piece of guttering). 

At the mud fest, there was much laughter and reminiscing. As kids, mothers would hose some of us down after muddy biking adventures. The offer to re-enact this wasn’t taken up. The day ended washing equipment in our conveniently full flowing stream, just outside the garden.
  Avril & Sophie