Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2014 Get away Weeks for Individuals

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bird Watching in the Garden for RSPB

Today was the day of the rspb bird watch all over the UK. I took part, alone. I wrapped up, found a recycled kneeling mat from the poly tunnel and perched under the shelter of the pavilion gable end. But before i did that I did feed the chickens! a strategic move, I scattered the delicious offerings across the lawn toward the pile of rocks by the silver birches and in front of the willow dome. Suddenly every bird in the Camas woodland garden shot out towards the food. This had a double intention ( not to kill two birds with one stone!) I wanted to tease the timid hens out of their coup while the weather was holding out and a bit of sun shone through. So they trooped out clucking and pecking at the seed.

I sat and counted and watched in amazement as common garden birds darted here and there to get a meal. The hens just clucked and pecked, whilst Robins collided. Black birds sort of flew low and horizontal if they flew at all, running in and out of my central focus. It began to feel like I was watching a dramatic dance show. Birds swiftly exchanged places and perches. 

Amongst the counting there was a hail storm. We had a great storm in the night, thunder and lightening, it has hailed on and off since. One of our phones blew, again this winter. Well the birds I wonder how it was and is for them? I think they are very grateful for the food. So what did I count over an hour? 3 male black birds, 3 female black birds, 2 male chaffinches, 4 female chaffinches, 4 robins and 4 Dunnocks, a bird I have only just become aware of. A little brown bird. 

It was funny sat watching quietly. The hens came near and a couple of them eyed me up quizzically. I looked beyond keeping a keen eye on the main stage. I saw Robins dive bomb each other and chirp warnings to stay away, but man was I amazed and chuffed to see 4 robins all at once! I believe it is rare to see two at the same time. A robin and a dunnock came with in one metre of me, eating the seed there for a while, the robin seemed to weigh me up to, angling his head, eyeing me.

I am very glad I took part in this rspb research. It encouraged me to spend more time in the garden, get to know the birds that live there and them me! and then have something I'm excited about to share on the Camas blog. I can imagine probably only the twitcher folk have read this far! 

Thanks for reading! Happy bird watching!