Friday, 30 April 2010

Smells like Spring

Here's a peep at the Camas
garden springing back.
It's all a little bit lovely.

Old beds in the beds
New birds in the bay
Shoots coming up
At the start of May!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Muir Up!

This week has been much quieter without any groups to help us with getting Camas ready. Instead the staff have been taking time to get to know Camas, and each other, better to build a great team for the season ahead.

We have had 2 visitors. The leader of the Iona Community came down to tell us about how and why Camas came to be, followed by a visit from Toby of the John Muir's Trust. Toby taught us about the John Muir Award, so groups that visit can take part in acheiving it during their stay at Camas. Here is a link if you want to know more about it -

On Friday we celebrated Darragh's birthday with an African themed fancy dress party (including costumes of the River Nile and a desert hermit!), tasty Moroccan food and Strawberry Milk Jelly. Mmm.

Next week we have our first group of the season, who are coming over from Glasgow. We're all pretty excited and we'll let you know how it goes!

Rob's "Fact" of the Week: There's a type of worm that can live inside Grasshoppers and make them jump into water. The worm then swims out so it can find a mate! Weird.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello Everyone-It is Monday on April the 12th here at Camas, and we just said goodbye to an awesome group of young men who came to build us a chicken coup and bike hut, and they even donated bikes to us! Not only was a ton of building projects being completed, but the last of this year's vollies arrived, I being one of them, so it made for a very fun and interesting week at Camas. The weather was sunny and warm, so we spent a day on the beach at Iona. And can I say those guys sure know how to play rugby. After the group had left we had the honor of celebrating one of our resident staff's birthday where we were all invited to his special birthday dinner, but the catch was that we all had to dress like lighthouses! It was a very luminescent evening to say the least! Now, for the next two weeks we will be training, preparing, and basically getting to know all the ends and outs of Camas so that we can be ready for our full summer season; which means lots of team meetings, kayaking, rock climbing, first aide training, adventure walks, and meeting with the best leaders and trainers from Iona as well. I am Cally, by the way, and I will have the honor of filling all of you in on this most exquisite adventure and journey that we like to call Camas. It's only just begun really, but this American girl can already tell this Camas season is going to be like none other, just ask Rob; he knows everything. Thanks for listening, tune in next week I am sure I'll have lots more insights and stories to tell you by then. And by the way, have you looked at the stars lately, they are insanely awesome here.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Exciting week!

Hi everyone...

Lots of new things to report.

4 of our lovely Camas volunteers have arrived...Darragh, Tom, Rob and Cally.

The chickens are here! We've had a group staying this week to build us a chicken run and also an impressive bike shed...thanks for all your hard work guys!

Plus we saw several dolphins playing, jumping, swimming, feeding all around the bay on Monday.

Here's some photos of work in progress, more to follow:

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Chickens part 1

Part of the excitement of work week was our new chicken enclosure starting to take shape!
At last it was time to unpack and build the coop, and clear the area of brambles... Next week another group will build the run for keep checking back for news of the chickens' arrival!

Yay for work weekers!

8 enthusiastic people spent a week using their skills, creativity and energy to help us paint, repair, build, cook, renovate, adjust, restore, dig, plant, clear out, move, clean and generally get Camas ready for the busy season ahead. Thanks for all your hard work! (and thanks to Margaret for the photos)

Turning old pillows
into new cushions...

Painting benches and walls...

Spring-cleaning the polytunnel.