Saturday, 20 April 2013

Work weekers have very useful hands

13.4 – 19.4
Aprils's Spring work week gushed into action along with some heavy rain and heavy work. Wheel barrowing great amounts of pebbles from shore to the new polytunnel with its fancy drainage network. Bridges were rebuilt, along with new friendships. Walls painted, seeds planted, work benches designed and built. Floors oiled, bags sewn and lovely meals cooked with daily home made bread and scones to keep the troopers going on. Reflections led by candle light including a hike to witness the closing of the day at night. Stars and moon were gazed upon through a telescope gift. Jokes followed the rhythm and pattern of Camas fashion, often, daft and funny.
It was a time when men from Glasgow meditated and contemplated becoming vegetarian. Thank you to the very kind people who gave of themselves to support the Camas mission.  Here's the poem we made together at the end of a hard working week...

I have useful hands 

I have usefulhands...
and I made some plans,

I drilled a hole
and moved some sand.
I lit a candle
and sowed some seams.

I monkeyd around,
sowed some bags,
planted some lettuce 
baked some bread.

I made some soup
and I made a bridge.
I scrubbed a floor
then mades some scones.

I played with water,
drew a picture,
painted a bed
and in the end, 
I painted a shed.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New hut!!!

6.4 – 13.4

Next up we had our friends from near Manchester over.
They built us a gorgeous new hut (now my hut) and helped us move the old hut. Yes, move the hut. At first ropes were used, then long wooden poles. They were shoved underneath and at the count of three everyone lifted it up walked along with it. It looked very spectacular. 

In unbelievably short time (about 2-3 days), the new hut was built. It was amazing to see how fast something can be built up!

In the evening we all got our instruments and improvised a bit, got a guitar lesson or played traditional Camas songs.

Another amazing event was 5 a-side table tennis. Five people used the whole games room and the table tennis table to play it. With lots of laughter we also had to fear for our heads, being attacked by the flying ball.

At one point we were missing two wooden poles. After someone from the group spotted them at the top of the track, Rosie and I walked up with two wheelbarrows. Once we were at the top, we saw that there was no way we could transport these giant wooden poles down the track. Therefore we each had one on each shoulder. It was my funniest walk down the track so far.

Again we had a lovely Camas Challenge. For dinner we had curry with chicken for the meat eaters and without chicken for the vegetarians. For reflection we had a lovely goodbye sculpture in the chapel of the nets and a fire by the beach. While the fire got smaller and smaller, we talked and watched the stars.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Leadership and larking aboot

With a group from Oban, we had a great time rescuing Jeff the duck and playing Indiana Jones over the snake pit. We lifted people through poisonous cobwebs and were led blindfolded through a rope-jungle. 

Their leadership skills were tested by taking younger kids by hiking to the beach, climbing and playing games. It was great seeing how some overcame their fear of heights and tried again till they managed to climb in the quarry. 

One of the games we played was hide and seek. One of the girls had a wee panic, not knowing where to hide. Therefore she just lay on the ground in the weeds. Although she had a bright red jumper on, she was the last person to be found!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back again

After a long winter break without any updates we are back in the game. During the winter there was a change in Camas. Josef left and Avril came.


For Easter we had a group from Dumfries and Galloway who visited us to learn more about different cultures. On Friday we went to Iona to see the Stations of the Cross and to learn more about the origins of Easter. Some youngsters from the group even carried the Cross for some time.
At the weekend the group went climbing, went for a walk to Market Bay and made unique dream-catchers and friendship bracelets.

On Easter Sunday we went for an Easter egg hunt. For that purpose we split up into groups of four (including staff) and ran about Camas. That evening was also the Camas Challenge. We had a lovely dinner and nice decorations. For reflection the group got the John Muir awards. The entertainment was an incredible dance off and bashing of an Easter piƱata.
That evening was an amazing finish to these few days visit of our first group in Camas this year.