Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Saws, Soup and Sunshine

Huath in Celtic, the fine Scottish native also known as Hawthorn was no match for our newest volunteers who had tree surgery at the top of their list of Camas tasks.

Two lads who had visited Camas earlier in the year decided to come back for more... and this time with much more hard work involved! They brought two tutors along, who also turned their hand to pruning branches and toppling timber on our first day of work exchange.

Sprucing up our native woodland area, and letting some light through!

Totally rearanging the polly tunnel, to have lovely low veg beds, accessable on all sides was made into a short task by some of the team!

After a tea break there was often a mysterious disappearing act, followed by the ghostly thud of footsteps upstairs, and the clatter of table tennis balls. Sometimes our hardy workers reappeared in the kitchen ready to cook, or do a track run, or lay the table for lunch.

Some delicious chutney was brewed, veg neatly chopped, and wood sawn for the winter.

The weather was dry for some fabulous green carpentry outside.

And an arched, gothic seat was created.

Of course a highlight was the beautiful last night reflection, where we looked back on how the week, and all that hard work had made us feel. Although it could be argued that gasious emissions were at an all time high, there was plenty of laughter and good feeling to go around, especially as we each got to sit in the seat of glory!
I hope you managed to open the windows sometimes on your way home!
We look forward to visiting you guys, and exchanging work in the garden.
Rosie Speakin signing out x