Monday, 21 October 2013

Sustain Yourself

I can’t let this new addition to our programme…. A week of…. Sustaining yourself. Go by without comment! It was so well enjoyed by everyone who came!  A new kind of week, maybe and really exciting for all of us because it had visitors booking in from all different youth groups, and some who’d never been to Camas before. It was amazing that in one short week – everyone had got to know each other so well, and looking back we’d done so much!
Each day started by visiting a quiet place around Camas, and then going into a reflection (of course) and activities. We extended the kayaking to right out in the bay (visiting the mysterious Jarassic Park cove….. ok not all of our wildlife and geological facts were strictly scientific) but finding out lots about lichens, seaweed – true bits- too. We planned and enjoyed a beautiful walk and wild Camp at Tireragan. We designed and voyaged the ENORMAraft.

Contemplating the task ahead....
Someone needs to be rescued......
And We are the ones to do it....Together...

But..... someone seems to be sabotaging the effort to stay dry.....who rocked the boat?
Which everyone wanted to crew, but no one wanted to paddle… what was going on there? At least the fair maiden on the shore by the … explosives house eventually got rescued and brought back to safety. There was also Cooking (with chili’s), dance movement, yoga, an afternoon of poetry…… 


I definitely noticed people being so tired out that they were asleep on the common room sofa, and people enjoying it so much that they came back again… to volunteer their work for Garden week.

Some comments as you left  (lifted from a facebook conversation…where else?!)
On our way back home, wish we could of stayed at camas had a fab week didn't want to come home!  
Had an absolutely smashing week guys, thanks x
Got back safe after another amazing week, you truly do know how to make camas feel like home to all. Thank You,  already planning on volunteering for next year.
What a success! Thank You to everyone for getting on so well with each other and joining with such style.