Saturday, 10 August 2013

Community Kids

Another year where the Community kids came to Camas. They felt at home and had a lot of fun, rediscovering the place, playing their favourite games and doing their favourite activities.

The kids also taught us some new things. One was how to weave bracelets, another how to play Irish snap - a card game all of us enjoyed.

Photo: The Iona Community Kids Week is off to a great start...lot's of fun, laughs, and personal achievements! The group is on their way to Ardalanish Beach to have lunch, play games, and explore. What fun to be at Camas for the week : )
Unfortunately we couldn't go camping at Market Bay this week because the weather didn't let us. Instead we camped on the lawn outside the Camas cottages. After a camp dinner, we had damperbread. You prepare damper bread by rolling it out. Then you take a stick, wrap the dough around one end and bake the bread in your campfire. Usually you can get sweet or salty dough. This time some of the kids and James had fun in the kitchen adding spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to different batches of dough. To be able to recognise which one you were eating they also dyed the dough purple/red, green and blue.

And they lived happily ever after. See you next year...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Storm and lightning

This week GK Experience came to Camas. Some of the kids had already been on expedition with Avril and were glad to see her again.

During their stay here at Camas, we had some mad weather!

During one of the kayak sessions it started to thunder. This made the atmosphere quite exciting. We continued even when it started to rain. We were wet anyway... It was a quite spooky session on the water. Towards the end there were flashes of lightning. That's when we made our way back to the shore.

While the kayakers just got wet in their already wet wetsuits, the climbers were trying to stay dry in the group-shelter. Probably the very first time that it had to be used. They played games and had hot chocolate while waiting for the rain to die down.

Another highlight of the week was the camping trip.
When Jon took the boat back to Camas, he was suddenly surrounded by dolphins. Later in the evening, we went up on a little outcrop and watched the sunset. Just then the dolphins reappeared and jumped into the sunset.

We also went on a short trip to Iona just to go to the ceilidh. During the boa ttrip (on Mark Jardin's boat) one of the leaders entertained us with campfire songs.