Saturday, 18 June 2011


A week has passed since our Sheffield group left us at the top of the track. We had an amazing week!

Fearless adventurers walking down a vertical cliff face, Valiant explorers investigating the area from kayaks and Heroic voyagers marching through the hills to hidden beaches in the middle of the Scottish wilderness.

A week full of laughter, adventure, good company, singing songs and a good deal of mud.

Peat cutting was a success. Clean women and men walking up the track, and two-legged, sticky, brown, mud monsters coming down an hour later. Some sort of system were the blocks of peat are thrown from one person to the other seemed to be the best. As long as there isn’t a glitch in the machinery (*cough*Rosie*cough*).

To end the week we had a camp fire on the beach with some truly amazing entertainment. Never before have Camas has such a fine jug player present, and never before have the Simpsons been to visit.

Camas felt empty after you left guys. Where did you all go?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Panda hats and new names

This week Camas was visited by its first youth group of the season, 10 young people and three leaders from Todmorden in West Yorkshire.

The group gave everything a go, including kayaking, abseiling, and walks to the beach and Trig Point. They also went on a camping trip to Iona where they went to the ceilidh and danced the night away.

One highlight of the week was shelter-building in the woods. The group created two fantastic shelters which Camas staff Becky, Natalie and Hamish spent a very comfortable night in.

The girls took on new names for themselves during the week, and became known as Dave, Barry, Colin, Dave, Kevin, Jeffrey, Jerry and Sebastian, while the boys became Edna, Lucy and Susie!

They got to grips with games such as Ninja Mega Destruction and Mafia.

They also cooked us an amazing meal including pizza, and, for Maddie, the most delicious gluten free pizza I have ever had. Thanks Dave :-)

They left us with three delightful panda hats, which we shall treasure and think of them all each time we wear them (which is a lot in this weather!)

We had a great time having you here Todmorden guys - thanks for coming!

Beatrice, Dorris, Doug, Frank, Fred, Freda, Marvin, Melvin, Pamela, Ned and Richard xxxxxx