Friday, 23 November 2012

Camas Does Glasgow (and sometimes other things too)

Dear Diary

What do you mean 'we haven't posted anything since 18th of September'? Creatice writing takes time. You can't rush these things. It's a process. A painful, artistic process. These words are my children. It's like giving birth.

It's probably not like giving birth.

Anyway. We've been terribly busy. Camas doesn't run itself in the winter you know (Sometimes it's debatable if it runs at all). Preparations are underway for another fantastic season down the track, and the line of young people, groups and staff/voluntees we have got lined up looks very promising. This week the Camas staff ventured out into the wild (Glasgow) to get a much needed dosage of junk food, imaginative new rude words, and what do you call it? Oh yes, other people. We spend time getting to know new friends who might make the trip next summer and met up with old friends who are hoping to come back. Big thanks to everyone that we met on our travels! We hope to see you at Camas in the near future.

Next year will see a slightly different staff team at Camas as yours truly will move on to greener pastures (no, I'm not dying) and will hand over my responsibilities to other staff. These resposibilities include: eating lots of food (it's rude to leave food on the table, whoevers plate it is on), acting like a six year old (when it's needed, and nobody else will carry that heavy burden), know every line from a 7 season american political TV show (...the streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight), and some other things that has to do with actual work.

My replacement has been appointed. And I will shortly post an in depth interview in which I will ask said person the most important questions about their personal life, dreams and ambitions and whether or not they like cats.

In other news: Yesterday was the International Giant Sandwich Day! Camas celebated IGSD as one should. With sandwiches. Big ones. Here is a photo of mine.

Giant Sandwich. For recipe, please contact camas
  If you celebrated International Giant Sandwich day (Haha, as if you had forgotten), feel free to upload your sandwich photo onto our facebook page. Share your art with the world!

In other news part 2: Thers is a saying in swedish, "When the cat is away, the rats dance on the table". I'm sure there is som equivalent saying in english, but it basically means: "When the Camas Coodinator is on holiday, I can't be hold responsible for my actions." Which is why Camas now has a door painted entirely in Bongo Jazz and blackboard paint. What can I say, art is my passion.

Yours sincerly