Saturday, 16 January 2010

Welcome to the Camas Blog!

Happy New Year!

One of my New Years resolution is to try and get this Blog up and running, so we can keep you all updated on whats going on here at Camas...

So its been a quiet few months, with some sad goodbyes and warm hello's. Tim finished just before Christmas, and Emily returned just after New Year, refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

I have been here most of the time, enjoying the quiet and beautifulness of the winter scenary here... we had snow, it was wonderful! We had Ice, not so wonderful, my family visited for New Year and Loved it, and Camas continued just being Camas.... (just a very cold Camas!)

So we have an exciting year ahead, with lots to look forward to, and hopefully (with some dicipline!) we can blog about it here for you all to see.

If you sign up as a follower of this Blog an email will let you know each time a post has been published, follow us and spread the word - we're hoping this will be just one way to spread the Camas magic...

Best Wishes,

Mary XX
Camas Co-Ordinator