Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello Everyone-It is Monday on April the 12th here at Camas, and we just said goodbye to an awesome group of young men who came to build us a chicken coup and bike hut, and they even donated bikes to us! Not only was a ton of building projects being completed, but the last of this year's vollies arrived, I being one of them, so it made for a very fun and interesting week at Camas. The weather was sunny and warm, so we spent a day on the beach at Iona. And can I say those guys sure know how to play rugby. After the group had left we had the honor of celebrating one of our resident staff's birthday where we were all invited to his special birthday dinner, but the catch was that we all had to dress like lighthouses! It was a very luminescent evening to say the least! Now, for the next two weeks we will be training, preparing, and basically getting to know all the ends and outs of Camas so that we can be ready for our full summer season; which means lots of team meetings, kayaking, rock climbing, first aide training, adventure walks, and meeting with the best leaders and trainers from Iona as well. I am Cally, by the way, and I will have the honor of filling all of you in on this most exquisite adventure and journey that we like to call Camas. It's only just begun really, but this American girl can already tell this Camas season is going to be like none other, just ask Rob; he knows everything. Thanks for listening, tune in next week I am sure I'll have lots more insights and stories to tell you by then. And by the way, have you looked at the stars lately, they are insanely awesome here.