Thursday, 12 August 2010

I love Norway...I love Norway!!!

Hello, all you Camas fans!

This week we have had an older group of young people, ages 15-20, visiting us all the way from Harstad in north Norway. Two things made us quite excited about was, you know, they have the midnight sun during summer months, which is great. however, from late November to mid January they also a period with twilight a few hours each night of course that is because the sun just dips below the horizon. Can you imagine living in the darkness all day? So they go to school and stay there when it is just dusk around noon, and come home when it is already dark. The second exciting thing is Harstad is placed in the northern light zone. So, in a clear day over winter, they fully enjoy the aurora. Well, you gain something and lose something else. (I personally want to go there over winter time when there is no sun during the day. Who knows my Mr. Hyde might come up and play with me!!!!)

I believe that this group had brought the sunny bright weather all the way to the camas with them. Camas typical activities went very well thanks for the beautiful weather. Kayaking, abseiling, walking to the Trig Point, taking a boat trip to Staffa, camping on the Mac lawn, joining evening service for peace, Ceilidh, pilgrimage on Iona, doing a treasure hunt (with edible treasure, of course), going to Market Bay, a lot of games-shark attack, shipwreck-which is my favorite, Norwegian rope game, bustered and 'mafia' of course. We had a lot of laughs and fun throughout the week.

Finally, according to the tradition, we let these guys take over Camas for their last evening here. Some decorated our dining room with flowers and flowery napkins on each table, some occupied our kitchen for the evening meal - they served Norwegian version of Mexican food. Even thinking of that food, you know what? mince was absolutely fabulous. oh, yeah alternative one was also fantastic. Whatever our guests cook for us on Thursday evening never disappoints us. It always hits the spot. Thank you all!!!

Another precious week has passed by like that. We all believe the community and friendship we had built for this week will last long in our memories and will fill us bright smiles and warmth throughout our lives forever!!!

'Bugaloo, bu-bu-galoo, bu! funky chicken, fun-funky chicken hoo!, Frankenstein, f-Frankenstein woo!, Dracula, d-dracula, woo!, barbie girl, ba-babie girl, oh!'