Saturday, 4 September 2010

Jenga tower Champions

This week a lovely load of Worcester folk visited us for the first time..... here they are ...spelling...Camas
After the kayaking, absailing and general fun of camas life, they too braved a soaking wet night on Iona to have a wild time at the Ceilidh. And their only complaint was it wasn't tough enough.... so we set these hardy girls a new challenge. (sorry boys - you were hardy too, but that's what one of your girls said.)
Filling their backpacks full of heavy bottles of water, trangiers, tents and much insect repellant we set off on a long walk to the most beautiful beach to stay there for the night. They didn't care that they fell in the water, they were on a mission to be the first to use poo creek (you know who you are) they used rocks as stages for air guitar performance and I think they ate midges for breakfast (they didn't seem too keen on porridge anyway.) The surroundings rewarded their glee with the most beautiful sunset and full moon rising, seals in the bay and a night full of stars. They told very silly jokes and stories around the camp fire, gulped down smores and relished the outdoor life.
Striding back to Camas full of life, stories and ideas, we felt they had definitely earned their John Muir award. They set up loads of fun and games for challenge entertainment, which made us have to use our brains to describe 'famous' people who we'd never heard of. Then on to lovely songs around the fire.