Friday, 4 February 2011

The Buildings are Still Standing

Happy New Year everyone! 2011 has started (well, awhile ago), and the buildings are still standing. Last night we weren't to sure about that. A force 9 wind were shaking the buildings and as I was lying in bed I could hear the tiles on the roof flapping about. An inspection is scheduled for this morning, just to make sure that the buildings are actually still standing.

Biggest news at Camas: Etinée Fisher was born on the 23rd of January. She is a beautiful little girl and we are looking forward to welcoming her down to Camas!

Anyway. A new year and a new season to plan. In about two weeks we are going on tour to visit most of the groups that are coming to us in the summer. Some old friends and some new. I hope to see some of you then!