Saturday, 16 April 2011

Three new volunteers.

So, an update on the week before we had new volunteers, which saw Mary getting back into the camas groove, and bringing a bonny Etti down the track. We made yogart in a Haybox, with Liz's help. Friday was Emily's last day, she followed clues to find presents hidden around the garden. twwwwooo, twit twoooo. Tooo bad to see her go, but glad she'll be staying local!
Hello, I'm Cynthia one of the new volunteers, with Hamish from Australia and Natalie from the USA.
We all arrived a week ago and have started to settle in for our six month posting at Camas. I didn't have to come so far, just the Isle of Bute, though I'm really English. Well, we seem to be a musical bunch, with guitars and ukule
les everywhere so if anyone can add to our Camas u
kulele band, bring those ukuleles!
- A Camas chicken just flapped onto the beach, part of our seaweedy arty reflection.
We are just settling in for now so no really hard work at the moment, just understanding the routine and where everything belong
s. Highlights of the week were getting on the water in t
he kayaks, it was a first for me and I loved it. Then there w as a belated birthday party for Josef which involved a super cake made by Becky and iced to look like a vegetable garden. All of us dressed up as vegetables for the event, and we have posed for you all in the vegetable patch.