Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hogwarts Express

The mission to find the dubious Prof Lockheart has been completed. All Hogwarts staff can step down from stilts and discard their long, shaggy beards to reveal...more beards, but at least recognisable ruddy camas faces.

Thanks to the visiting Community Kids we have had a particularly magical week. Spells were fired from the island to the newly constructed shelters on the last night. Other than that brooms have been used mainly for sweeping, bogs for jumping into, or singing in, and the glockenspiel mainly for practicing the Potter theme; so much so that by the end of the week it had dissapperated itself to the staff room and could be heard no more. Peace for the challenge kitchen crew who filled the star bound hall with yummy food.

“Floating in a kayak, on a windy day, looking for some seaweed games to play

Jelly in the face, y big disgrace, waving that paddle all over the place

Singin... we will we will kayak....”

Could be heard through the dreecht by any walkers heading down the track, and passing our particularly musical peat digging session, as more verses were added to the famous ‘We will Dig You.’ Plenty of chocolate cake and tea were consumed and we even managed to fill 5 peat drying panels – strong workers!

As the song suggests, the weather blew a gale, but that didn’t stop a blustery boat ride on the B Marie, and all the usual activities. We now have stones covered in clouds where blackbirds fly, and detailed camas scenes, painted whilst sheltering in the art room. We also have enough plate spinners to make our own side-show at the circus.

PiƱatas were crashed apart exploding popcorn through the room, and many party games were played for a Birthday during the week. Indiana Jones visited the group at market bay- and completed every challenge they set for him. So with that completed – I will sign off.

Your Muggle correspondent: Rosie Speaken