Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Autumn Collection - Part III (Exploring Creation)

Kathy Galloway hosted another creative adult week at Camas. We welcomed fifteen folk from all over Britain and beyond. They contributed to the common life and enjoyed the autumn colour of Camas, exploring nature, creation or 'The Big Book'. Some got the full sensory experience plunging into the big old sea for a swim. Others took the water in kayaks and got up close to the lichen-crusted coastal rock. Others took on the rock and abseiled! Folk were encouraged to pick up paintbrushes and pens and make art. Evenings were spent in cosy conversation. One highlight was a gorgeous sunny, sunny day (the last of the summer, perhaps?) spent on Erraid, the tidal island of Robert Louis Stevenson's Shipwrecked fame. The end of the week was celebrated with a delicious curry night, entertained at our seats and a final, thoughtful reflection from Kathy. We hope your sunny days at Camas stay with you all.