Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back again

After a long winter break without any updates we are back in the game. During the winter there was a change in Camas. Josef left and Avril came.


For Easter we had a group from Dumfries and Galloway who visited us to learn more about different cultures. On Friday we went to Iona to see the Stations of the Cross and to learn more about the origins of Easter. Some youngsters from the group even carried the Cross for some time.
At the weekend the group went climbing, went for a walk to Market Bay and made unique dream-catchers and friendship bracelets.

On Easter Sunday we went for an Easter egg hunt. For that purpose we split up into groups of four (including staff) and ran about Camas. That evening was also the Camas Challenge. We had a lovely dinner and nice decorations. For reflection the group got the John Muir awards. The entertainment was an incredible dance off and bashing of an Easter piƱata.
That evening was an amazing finish to these few days visit of our first group in Camas this year.