Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sheffield and super surf

11.5 – 17.5

So...last week we had the first ‘proper’ group of the season with an almost full complement of volunteers and staff!! And what a fantastic way to start the season it was, a group coming all the way from Sheffield to enjoy everything Camas has to offer. The start of the week was hectic but everyone settled in quickly and soon found themselves busy fishing (catching a Sea Trout and a Salmon), kayaking, washing dishes, abseiling, coasteering, washing dishes, walking, gardening and much, much more.   The day at Iona's North End beach was brilliant with the windiest of waves splashing everyone that dared go close.

With all of the activities happening this week everyone in the community found themselves challenging their boundaries and discovering personal and group comfort zones. This was particularly clear when coasteering and abseiling. The group set out on a beautiful evening to explore and discover the islands. Fully kitted up in wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids everyone eagerly took the plunge into the sea, then just as eagerly scrambled back out after realising how freezing it really was. By the end of the session most of the group were happy to make a final jump in and swim back to have a warm shower and sit in the warmth of the fire.

                                                              Camas fave:  Hit the bell

During the week the group were often to be found showing their creative flair with some beautiful poem readings, amazing stories and hilarious song writing. One song became an instant hit and will probably be seen on the charts very soon...a song about a ghost who just wanted to make friends and have some fun Ghost, Ghost, Ghost AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

The week finished in the usual way with everyone getting stuck in to the challenge. We had 5* chefs preparing some delicious food, quirky decorations, an impressive show featuring a ‘Queen’ tribute band, circus skills and more, as well as a beautiful reflection showing how much everyone had gained during their time in a remote bay at the bottom of a long boggy track.