Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Gorbals!

20th-27th July

Our Camas community this week was made up of sparky young folks from the Gorbals, Glasgow, accompanied by two lovely youth leaders.  

The mid week camp at Market Bay was lots of fun, with otter and porpoise sightings, edge of the world chats and stories around the camp fire.  The camp meal of baked potatoes and baked beans was particularly tasty.  

Another day, we shared an amusing reflection sitting together around a little fire in the newly built Round House at the top of the garden.  We talked about what was important in shelter, and what our needs were as human beings, and then shared the key features in our imagined ideal homes.  I look forward to visiting!  

The new polytunnel was in its prime, with lots to water, pick, and marvel over.  The week came almost to a close with Camas challenge on Thursday night.  The cooking was a breeze, with two young pros handling everything very calmly.  The entertainment drew a lot of laughs, with a comedy sketch, wise words from the future, singing and spooky story-telling.  

 The last evening together was Friday, with more kayaking, dolphins and a relaxed family dinner.  A great week!