Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stormy days at Camas

As winter closes in around us, the days on the Isle of Mull become colder, wilder and windier. Today however seems to be the coldest, wildest and windiest we have seen all year. It also happens to be the day we are expecting 5 interviewees to arrive down the track.

This week we have been preparing for interviews to fill the 2 resident posts that have been advertised. Because of this we have all been keeping a close eye on the weather, wanting to make sure our 5 hopefuls will be able to make it over on the Cal Mac ferry from Oban. The report stated wind would be gusting up to 76mph with a steady 40/50mph throughout the day. Not to forget a little bit of hail and snow thrown into the mix. Not usually conducive with ferry’s running to schedule. However the wind was due to drop a little by 4pm so we have remained optimistic during the day. We are still waiting in anticipation for the arrival of 1 out of 5. The others, unfortunately due to wild weather all over Scotland have had postpone arrival until tomorrow.

Needless to say, trying to concentrate on tasks to do around Camas today while all the hoo haa of who’s going to make it and what’s going to fly away next has been going on has been very difficult. The storminess arrived during the night and kept the majority of the crew here awake. In bed I thought I could hear tiles flying of the roof above me. Turns out that wasn’t the case. What I may have been able to hear was:

1.      Wheel barrows flying towards the sea (no wheel barrows harmed)
2.      Tiles coming off the roof of the other building
3.      The peat stack vacating its usual residence
4.      The orange boat moving a few meters to the left (on top of Lizzy’z kayak!!)
5.      2 sheds moving off their platforms
6.      The door coming off the chicken pen
7.      Saddest of them all Jon’s canoe heading down the gully towards the salt marsh (it has not survived its escapade).

However there is a silver lining! Due to this stormy night aligning with a spring tide there were large amounts of sea weed left on the lawn this morning. Perfect for being scooped up and wheel barrowed to a beautifully cleared lazy bed in need of some sea weed. Thanks to Elaine (our helpful guest this week) bed number 7 has been weeded and but to sleep for the winter.

So, although concentration levels have not been high, with all the mending and moving of flying things it has been a relatively productive day.