Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Camas Playground

For Family week we had a few new and many familiar faces. It was lovely to see all the kids from the different families join together into a big, loud crowd. The three Leo’s provided lots of confusion and laughter although they all had their own nicknames. It was lovely to see how much the kids enjoyed the place and really felt at home. One of their favourite games was to look for crabs. We had a few pet crabs in smaller and bigger tubs throughout the week but we put them all back into the sea. Jon even took them out te set a crate with bait to catch crabs. They did catch three crabs but they were too small for eating.We played many games and had fun coasteering, kayaking, climbing, ...The kids even built traps to catch the rabbits but they haven’t worked so far and so the rabbits keep munching our lovely veggies.