Thursday, 4 May 2017

And we're back!

As we share our final days together with our Garden Week guests here at Camas, it seems valuable to take a step back and reflect on our previous two weeks of Staff Training. What seems like ages ago, five new volunteers arrived at the end of the track, unsure of what lay ahead, but also carrying hope and excitement for the joys and challenges of the upcoming season. These five new faces added to the six already here, and suddenly we had ourselves a brand new community.

The first few days were jam-packed with learning and adventure, as we learned and re-learned the subtle nuances of leading the various outdoor activities offered here at Camas. This was followed by some key first aid training, lest anything go horribly wrong during any of said activities.

This set the stage for another week further of bonding and growing together as a community, while we absorbed some of the finer ins and outs of life at Camas. Of course, we couldn’t take ourselves too seriously, and made sure to include time to practice our wild camping skills relax at Knockvologan Beach, stranding ourselves on an island while blissfully unaware of the rising tide. And who could forget our informative session on the daily life of Camas, brought to us by the hip-hop stylings of the one and only MC Ab McFab.

But far more than the training, learning, and unexpected celebrity guest appearances, I’m struck by the people who made this time all that it was. We have an incredible team supporting each other here, showing a willingness to be vulnerable, put themselves out there, and give what it takes to make this season a success. We’re also deeply grateful for the many people who made the long journey down the track to give their time to support our training: for our guest instructors Kenny, George, and Chris, and for our wonderful cooks Rachel, Kathy, Jonny, Roz, Bex, and Jean. Each one not only contributed their time, energies, and wisdom, but also gave of themselves as a gift and welcomed addition to our community.

Now that our time of training has come to a close, we can only hope and pray that it’s been enough to prepare us for all that is to come. Time will tell, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this team will be ready to meet every challenge head on, together, as the Camas staff of 2017.