Friday, 19 February 2010

And then there were Four.......

Yipppee our forth and final member of the 2010 Resident team has arrived! Becky joined JOsef, Emily and Myself earlier this week to make the completed team.

We've been inducting, learning and joining together - and a lovely week to do so, we have had some days of Glorious sunshine and mornings of frosty glows on the moutains opposite... along with this however we have had NO wind, the turbine has been the lowest i have ever seen it - the battery power was down to 39% on tuesday (the emergency cut off being 20%). So this equalled 4 very smelly Camasites coming over to Iona yesterday, where we were sooned showered and fed, Yum was lovely sharing food with with Colleagues and friends.

Other interesting things that have happened this week - Emily and Josef went for a walk and spotted a very rare bird, i have forgotton the name of this bird but its quite impressive apparently - i will get EMily to update this!
My Marathon training has stalled a bit, after a sucessfull 8 mile run last weekend, a week with no running meant i struggled with a 6 mile - what should have been easy, run to Fionnphort and back :-( will try again tomorrow!
Pancake day - its seems Becky is the Pancake Master! We has delicious pancakes with Caramelised Bananas - Yummmmy, we have generally been eating well this week - food from the Garden, fresh fish from the sea its so nice having people to cook for again!

More updates to follow, and i'll make sure Becky and Josef get on here too,

Mary XX