Saturday, 6 February 2010

Winter Camas

Josef arrived today :-) so we are now a team of 3 and looking forward to Becky coming soon to complete this year's resident staff team.

Camas is a very different place now from the busy summer season, it can be very dark and cold, especially when a north wind is blowing straight into the bay! But winter has its own beauty...navigating the track purely by starlight with the stars reflected in every puddle along the way...watching a huge full moon rise over the hill and light up the white wavecaps of a choppy sea...sitting on the island on a calm day listening to the swell and watching sunset light transform a grey cloudy day into purples, pinks and blues in the sky, rocks and sea as a seal swims past checking out what the humans are up to's still an amazing place to call home! Wish you were here?