Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hello, everyone. This week we had another John Muir Award-which is an environmental Award scheme focused on wild places- week with amazing youths from Glasgow. I think basking sharks know how wonderful young men they are! Just like last week, a basking shark came very close to us in our bay and welcomed them by circling around joyfully and elegantly for quite a while. Most of them hadn't seen them before and we gazed in awe at the massive sea creature!

We went kayaking, abseiling, raft building, and market bay playing football. Yes, we went to Iona and camped on the Mac lawn and then went to the Ceilidh at the village hall on Iona. Initially our young lads hesitated to join the dancing, however once they stood in the circle they thouroughly enjoyed it. We could see a big bright smile on each one of their faces. They are indeed very good dancers! Two of camas members and one of leaders also entertained people in the hall by singing some songs. We had a great fun.

On wednesday we went fishing further north-west Iona. We moved here and there to catch fish. Each of us caught many fish but many of them were quite small, hence soon as we had those young fish we released them. We've got a gurnard, a mackerel, and many pollocks and appreciated them at dinner.
On thursday we had quite warm and pleasant weather, which enables the lads to do raft building. Though they looked quite firm and strong, when the leader's raft got stuck on the seaweed, it fell apart and they fell into the sea! We burst into laughter. Then they took over Camas for the evening doing 'Camas Challenge'. Some decorated the common room, some cooked for dinner and others prepared entertainment and evening reflection. The common room made us feel homey, the meal was absolutely fantastic!!! After well fed, we played lots of games such as table tennis matches, wheelbarrow driving with eyes blindfolded, rolling a ball into the circle, dropping pebbles into a narrow necked bottle, tug-of-war, and football penalty kicks.
After early morning breakfast on friday, we headed to the top of the track having a final reflection. We shared how our week was to each of us by throwing a ball of wool in turn to another person making a web. As a piece of the web remains around each of our hands, so those wonderful memories at camas will stay in our heart throughout our lives.