Saturday, 12 June 2010


Hello there all you Camas Fans,

This week we had an incredible group of young men from Glasgow come and stay with us. The week was full of tons of activities, and Basking Sharks! We went out sea fishing with some of the boys and on the way we had basking sharks come right up to the boat with their huge fins and humongous mouths; we all watched in awe as we could literally almost reach out and touch these wale sized sharks! (And yes they are the 2nd largest sharks in the world-at least that's what Rob says, and he is always right! :)) We even had sharks in our bay, and they even came pretty close in towards the buildings; the lads from Glasgow and the rest of us loved it! Oh, and did I mention that we all caught loads of fish, and some of us even learned how to gut and clean them!

So, we went ab sailing, kayaking,hill walking to trig point and market bay, lots of football playing, swimming ( and those boys were amazing at swimming as they swam in the freezing bay at night without wet suits-they are definitely Scottish, and no mistake!) We went camping twice. Firstly, we took the boys over to Iona and camped on the Mac lawn, and then we went to the Ceilidh dance at the local village hall on Iona. Those boys definitely know how to dance! Then, they went wild camping near Terraragain at a beautiful beach, and the weather was definitely perfect for it!

Then, These young lads decided to do the Camas Challenge which means that they take over Camas for the evening and they are in charge of decorating, cooking, entertainment, and reflection. We played loads of games, like football and ultimate frisbee, with their group going against Camas, and it was a close shot, sort of, but in the end those young men won the trophy. (we put up a good fight though) As we say in basketball at home, 'Man, they got game!' They also cooked us dinner that night, using the local fish we caught, and it was delicious! And this next week we are going to have another group of lads from the same place in Glasgow-hopefully they can cook as good as those guys!

Finally, one of their leaders let me, Cally, paint a treasure map on his head-It's kind of a dream of mine, I mean I have always wanted to see a bald man with a treasure map on his head, and well, I guess Camas is just the kind of place where dreams come true! Until next week, peace out to all you Camas fans out there!