Thursday, 22 July 2010

Becky's pie

Hi to you all again,

Okay, so I had to make a separate post to celebrate a new discovery! Becky our gardener, (actually she is more like a goddess, but I will get to that later) has been harvesting the black and red currents from our garden like no body's business. Where I live there aren't many currents to speak of, so I have not eaten them hardly at all before. But then, heaven opened, and a glorious thing happened.

Becky made pie!!! Not just any pie-no,no,no...She made apple and fresh current pie, and holy smokes it was sssooo good! I need to apologize to my mother as this pie was better than any I had ever tasted. At the first bite, my taste buds sung with the pure bliss of all that sweet berry goodness; It was a party in my mouth that I never wanted to end. I have never wanted to eat, and re-eat desert so much; you can guess that I was definitely hording the left overs of that pie for the next few days, and it never waned, never failed to wow me!

Now, Becky is off on holiday, and there is no more apple black and red current pie, but it's memory will live on because I have tasted the best darn pie that the world has ever had!!! And even though, that pie is no more, Becky has also seen fit to make black current jam. I sneak into the kitchen in the morning to eat some because I dream of it at night. Becky is one of the reasons Camas is such an amazing place to be, and if you don't believe me come on down and try some jam, or better yet ask her to make you a pie, and you will never be the same! I know I most certainly won't!
Bye for now,