Thursday, 22 July 2010

Yee-ha from Texas!!!

Hello there all you Camas fans!

Sorry it has been so long since our last update; It has definitely been a wild ride to say the least. We had a youth group from Texas here last week, and we had loads of fun! I personally loved having some Americans around as they understood my random sense of humor. Let's see-We took these guys to the Ceilidh dance on Iona, we went Ab sailing, we went to Market Bay, hiked up to trig point, and we kayaked, but can I say my favorite bite was on the Thursday evening during our Camas Challenge. (for those of you who don't know, this is when we let our guest take over Camas for the evening, and this means they are in charge of decorations, dinner, entertainment, and our evening reflection)

So, for Camas Challenge these Texans made us some brilliant stir fry, and decorated the common room nice and proper. They also put on a lovely reflection, and even awarded us with a special labyrinth plate from Texas. Then, this is the best bit they taught us to two step to some country music, how to do some other group dances, and even wowed us all with some brilliant performances. One very cool chap did a stand up comedy act that was hilarious, we had a pair of lovely twin girls who sang a beautiful country song duet together, and then my team-the entertainment team-did a skit. To those of you familiar with the old Saturday Night Live skits this will be familiar to you. We did a rendetion of the old 'Van down by the river' skit, only it was way funnier! Even the Camas staff got a good laugh out of it, so I think my American sense of humor is beginning to rub off.

These guys were such a fun group, and so what we needed as they were so chilled out! They even left us Texas honey which we are still nibbling on. We bade them a very fond farewell with lots 'of yehaa's' and 'y'all come back now, you here!'

Now, we are far in to this week, and we have a fabulous group from Berlin. It's been such fun learning about their culture and language. They are top notch ab sailers and just now they are building rafts to race across the bay. They have also taught us this brilliant game called 'Busted', it is difficult to explain, and we are still in the middle of it, so we will be sure to fill you in on how it goes! Well, that's it for now. The weather is so brilliant today; It actually feels like summer, and it is a marvelous day to live in Scotland, of course, what day isn't?
Cheers yo!