Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Right Royal Weeding

Many mucky hands make light work in the Camas Garden. We had Colin, Lena, Sue (and briefly, the "waanderful" Bob), Marilyn, Mary, Christine and Liz for a few days of bramble bashing, stone picking, bracken composting, weeding, digging, mulching, muck and much besides. Potatoes (lots and lots) were planted in truly scrumptious compost while on the wild side we saw the return of Cuckoo Flower, Vetch, Tormentil, Silverweed, Bluebells, Ragged Robin, Buttercups and Daisies. Staff and guests completed the John Muir 'Discovery' Award and did plenty to earn it, including identifying wild plants and creatures in hand made journals, splashing feet in the sea and a determined few even spent a blustery night under canvas in true 'Muir Up!' spirit. It was an opportunity to reflect on the garden as something between wilderness and not; a chance to get the lazy beds in order for the growing season and while mostly letting be the untamed fringes of the Camas garden. Nettles, brambles and bracken still reign but a little bit less than before!

There was one goodbye this week. Farewell and hip hip hooray to Cynthia, our volunteer from the Isle of Bute. We had a fine month of larks, starry skies and tea breaks with you. We also cried 'Timber!' to a few of the Sitka Spruce, the largest conifers in the garden, which have been felled for firewood and to give room to the smaller native broadleaves in the woodland. Thanks to Jim, our jolly lumberjack.