Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Busy Week

Since the last blog there has been a lot going on in and around the centre! Easter included a service and a ceilidh on Iona, plus egg painting and glitterfying, and an ongoing Easter egg hunt (there is still one left that I know of, in the art room). We've had our small but genial open-of-season party, complete with ridiculous costumes, too much food and a bonfire on the beach. The food even included some fresh lobster and an octopus courtesy of Jamie.

The party was soon followed by the Open Day, which saw lots of brave local kids having a go at abseiling the quarry, and large quantities of cakes and tea consumed on the porch. The day before yesterday we got started on our first course for the year! This is an adult's week focused on the garden, and we are all getting lots done under Becky's direction, as we also discover, explore, conserve, and share wild places for our John Muir awards.

I had a go at sleeping out on the lawn, and we've all been taking advantage of the sunny weather with morning swims and paddles in the ocean, and throwing frisbee on the beach.
For me as a new volunteer it's been a great few weeks and I'm learning a lot. So far I've been learning the art of estimating quantities of food for large numbers of people (it never hurts to add another can of beans), leading reflections, making scones and bread (it helps if you use the right type of flour), weeding, building things, pushing wheelbarrows, pulling bracken, and identifying the constellations of the northern hemisphere's night sky. Next week will see a few new volunteers join us and we'll begin some outdoor activity and first aid training.

Here's hoping this amazing weather lasts a little longer!
- Hamish