Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Autumn Collection - Part I

In September, we invited a delightful bunch of friendly faces back to the bay for 'Bring A Mate' week. Ah, those rosy, la-di-da days at the end of summer: all homemade ginger beer, crumpets and a little jolly seafaring with Rob, Tom, Ash, Rosaidh, Nita, Baby Una, Amy and Robin. Look at them enjoying the fresh sea air. How wholesome!

...But, this being Camas, it wasn't quite so simple. The ginger beer was alarmingly fizzy and bottles of the stuff exploded at unexpected intervals all through the week. A bit like the aquatron which exploded with something far less appealing. Don't ask. Really. The warm and fuzzy feeling of Bring A Mate week also exploded into a formidable rap battle - Rachel Marshal vs. Hamish Macrae a.k.a. Rach Against the Macrae - a spewed out rhyme-strewn character assassination, most of which cannot be repeated here. Here’s a little taster (can you handle it?):

If you want to run and hide, you wouldn’t be blamed, yo

Cos you’re entering a dangerous zone where only the insane go

Is there anyone better than this rap game? No!

If we were cats I’d be Growler, chilled out in the kale

You’d be Boo, afraid of his own tail

If you’re feeling threatened better call the constabulary

I’m committing rhyme homicide with my formidable vocabulary

Ouch! Fiercesome stuff from MC Macrae. It is healthy to share you feelings afterall and once season's worth of pent-up rivalry had been vented through the medium of rap, Camas staff made-up and celebrated with the end of-season party. There was a feast of gourmet golden slice burgers under a candelabra lighting the banquet hall. Fancy stuff! Guests joining us from the local village and Iona for a bonfire, songs, balloons, dancing and merriment. How very, very fine.