Sunday, 4 September 2011

You Can Leave Your Wetsuit On... Please.

Good day friends. I am afraid I must start this blog post with an unreserved apology to all members of a truly wonderful group, who graced us with their good company for a very special week. An unfortunate set of events lead to me writing most of the blog, and then going on holiday for a week with Josef. Sorry about that. But we did have a lovely holiday.

This week saw the return of a bunch of hardened Camas veterans, along with a few new faces, visiting our wee spot all the way from the midlands; somewhere between Birmingham and Stoke apparently. It was a delight to see their gleaming faces emerging from the bus at the end of the track, perhaps owing to the fact that Bowmans had not left them in Craignure this year, but I’m sure they were also looking forward to their walk to Camas. Much fun was had as old friendships were renewed and new acquaintances made.

Saturday and Sunday were straight down to business; making the most of the good weather and calm seas to get everyone out in the kayaks or over the edge of the abseil wall. The kayakers in particular were treated to some very memorable sights; the dramatic sinking of leader Ted’s kayak is bound to stick in the memory of those who witnessed it. One group were also treated to a demonstration of ‘Captain Adams Very Interesting Self-Rescue Techniques’ (which may have resembled yours truly flailing around in the water whilst trying to blow up an airbag and not let the kayak float away). Nonetheless, nobody drowned or fell to a horrible death.

Monday night saw the ever popular Camas invasion of Iona. The younger folk set up camp at the Macleod centre, whilst the older folk established their own camp a few miles away at the campsite where they even cooked their own dinner. Reports suggest that they can cook pasta. The two groups rejoined that evening to show Iona just how a Ceilidh is danced. Although I was not there in person, I have heard through a reliable source that everybody danced and got very sweaty. Well done Camas, that’s how it’s done.

After a slightly soggy journey home, the rest of the week seemed to swim by. Shelters were built, cricket played, treasure hunted, cricket played, rafts raced, art made and, well, more cricket played. Oh and also lots of Articulate! One highlight in particular was Thursdays boat trip on the B. Marie; with a beautiful sunny day and not a wave on the ocean, conditions were perfect for lazing and fishing (perhaps not so good for sailing though).

With literally a few mackerel caught, preparations were soon underway for the evenings Camas challenge. The decorations team ensured that the common room was looking very swanky indeed. The kitchen team excelled themselves to produce a choice of three beautifully cooked Curries from the hatch, with high praise going to the fish option I must say; all creating a rather memorable dinner.

After a very well planned reflection we all enjoyed (or at least watched) the evenings entertainment. Hosted by a dubious looking Jeremy Clarkson, Strictly Come Camas was packed with many memorable dance routines, all with helpful feedback from a select judging panel. In true showbiz fashion, the show was interjected with a commercial break and a news, sport and weather bulletin offering a helpful roundup of the week’s events and nearly resulting in a fire!

You may also be relieved to hear that after much anticipation, Robs mum visited at the end of the week, bringing with her two monkey suits. Now Josef and I can join Rob in pretending to be wild animals and behaving suitably disgracefully. Thanks Robs mum!

Overall I speak for all still at Camas in saying that this week was much fun, and shall be fondly remembered for some time. We are looking forward to seeing you all again!

Captain Adam.