Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year and that 2012 has gone off to a good start.

2012 is going to be an exciting year at Camas. Mainly because every year at Camas is quite exciting but also because of special fun things are happening. You might be aware of the fact that Mary has left Camas after 3 years of being the Commander in Chief. That in itself is not very exciting. It’s quite sad actually. She was (and still is – But I haven’t actually met her since she left) great, and will be missed by staff, guests, chickens, various seabirds and ticks. If I could make my own Camas ‘mount Rushmore’ on the quarry her face would be forever carved in pink granite.

The exciting thing that I’m trying to get to is that we have a new top dog coming in. A new chief, a new boss, manager, commander. A new… ehh… well, a new Co-ordinator. Mr Lloyd, Jon Lloyd, will be starting his post within short. And we are all (well, at least me, since I’m the only camas staff actually at Camas, but I’m sure others are too) very excited to welcome him, and soon after his arrival , other Camas staff will come back and the season will be up and running. Can’t wait.

The other exciting thing is that the little hut that Camas has on Iona is going to be refurbished. Holes will be filled in, things will be painted and, well the whole thing is pretty much going to be replaced. That makes me excited. No more strategic placements of buckets to catch water through leaks in the roof. No more lying awake on a stormy night wondering just how much it hurts to have a building collapse on your face. No more trying to guess where the mouldy smell is coming from and what long-term effects it’s going to have on my respiratory system. Again: can’t wait.

Apart from all these special excitements, Camas is going to have yet another season of fun. We have a terrific bunch of people lined up for the summer. A lot of groups coming back from previous years, and many new people are about to experience Camas this summer.

That is all from me at this time. A wish I had a camera so I could show you pictures of what Camas looks like in January. But I don’t. Maybe you can all draw a picture of what you think Camas looks like in January, post it on our facebook page, and then I can say which one is closest and everyone will know what it’s like. Do that.