Monday, 9 April 2012

On Tour

So... many a thing has happened between high tide and low here at Camas, and we know (we really do) how late this update is.
When Becky and I began our Camas year we got off the bus in the dark, and were met by Josef, Jon and Tawhai (the dog) with torches and wheelbarrows. Jon, the new Camas co-ordinator was particularly pleased that his afternoon had been spent on the sea, canoeing between Camas and Bunessan where on this perfect calm day they had been practically surrounded by sea Eagles and Otters. I hope this is the start of a great time at Camas for him.
It seemed like I was barely back to the Hebrides before I was back on bus boat and train with Josef, to visit lots of the groups who came up to camas last year, and who may be coming up this year.
A big Thank You to everyone for your hospitality.
Josef was greeted with rounds of TT in Glasgow, and we got plenty of cake. It was really great to recognise faces, and hear all the strange things you remembered from your holiday. We are now looking forward to all the new people coming with juggling skills, and knowledge of the Seas of Europe.... but Josef wasn’t born in one of them.
I nearly thought I was back at Camas as I sat making friendship bracelets with folk towards Manchester way (one dressed up as a tiger) then eating ‘golden slice’ for a shared dinner. Then beautiful train journeys through the Pennines, to steaming mugs of hot chocolate at a very busy youth cafe. It was so nice to see familiar people who dropped in to catch up, and everyone who remind us of the rules of UNO.
There was so much to see in Sheffield, that a day didn’t seem enough for exploring the cutlery weaving, printing and felting workshops, working gardens, and drama and film studios (the list goes on). Luckily students who go to the college get to spend 3 years there; it was great fun to see what old friends were making, and to be introduced to many new students. Well the food was so good, and there was so much to learn, we had to go back.... but that’s a different story.
Thanks for our stay everyone, we look forward to your visits to Camas.