Wednesday, 2 May 2012

First week of the season

Top Tips

-          Porridge + Chocolate may sound like a great idea, but is infact an awful idea.
-          If  luggage is A) Heavier than you, or B) Bigger than you, you might need to re-think your packing.
-          If you pitch your tent on a slope, you will slide down it whilst asleep and awake in a heap at the bottom of your tent.
-          Freshly laid eggs make excellent hand-warmers.

April 14th saw the arrival of a Youth Group from Wolverhampton. Buses, ferries and trains were the transport of the day. The group arrived in glorious sunshine and were treated to an entire week of uninterrupted sun. God obviously does bless Wolverhampton.
A full week of activities saw kayaking, peat digging, and abseiling. Note, if you’re a first time abseiler, humming the James Bond theme tune is a great help. As in ABBA’s greatest hits. And last but not least, Raft building; an activity that saw sheer determination. So what if your raft has tipped over, and is now upside-down? You shall carry on regardless.

 What was that, sorry? Half your team have abandoned raft and are now swimming to shore? You shall carry on regardless. The other team have finished? That will not stop you either. You will complete this race.
A night was spent wild camping on Market Bay, the most stunning beach I think I have ever seen. On route, many a shoe was pulled off by the power of the Scottish bogs. Remember folks, to always tie your shoe laces correctly. Jacket potatoes were cooked on the fire, the stars were gazed at ... A perfect evening.
In fact, a perfect week. Not an argument was had, not a voice was raised. A fond farewell and a wish to have you back again. Thank you from the staff for an amazing week.

‘Fantastic opportunity to experience a week full of fun activities and time to reflect on the days we have had. Eating together as a family and enjoying the great food that was cooked for us.’

‘Camas was amazing. It was great and we had so many great laughs and I would LOVE to go again.’