Tuesday, 8 May 2012

From the perspective of a youth group

Waking up for Breakfast, ‘UHH! it’s 8.30 am!’On the first full day at Camas we split into two groups for Abseiling and Art. During the kayak session we played games in the water such as tag. By this point I had fallen in four times. The first time was definitely the worst as the chill of the water was quite a shock!
Andy and Karle

The next day half the group braved the 40 ft descent down the granite quarry – some quaking more than others and some taking longer than others! Jon, the instructor, was very patient and reassuring. While half the group the group were abseiling, the other half took part in a treasure hunt which involved climbing through a poisonous spider’s web, killing a shiver of sharks and hauling a lobster pot from the bottom of the ocean.
Later that day we packed for wild camping on Market bay. We built a fire which lasted for 4 hours, long enough to cook our jacket potatoes and to keep us warm whilst listening to ghost stories.
Richard and Aaron 

The raft building challenge - Our team worked well together to build an unbreakable and, as it turned out, undefeatable raft. Unlike previous years, there was no plan of sabotage but as the oppositions raft tipped over twice within minutes, we didn’t need to anyway.
Finally, we got our chance to run Camas for a day. The air was full of anticipation and rumours; the stirrings of a song started to emerge, the art room began producing great lengths of streamers and  delicious aromas started to drift over our heads from the kitchen. It made for one fabulous last evening together. 
Becky and Caroline 

(Photo taken seconds before the raft tipped over.)

The next morning we awoke to the reality of the fact that it was time to leave Camas and say our goodbyes. After our long, slow trek down the track one last time, we shared our memories of the week in a final reflection. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts to fundraise for Camas, you will never know what a difference it has made to all our lives and we will be eternally grateful.