Wednesday, 20 June 2012

University of Glasgow

The other week we had some pretty smart people around, the type of smart that makes you feel very much like an inferior human being. There were about 23 PhD students from University of Glasgow who had come to Camas for a little getaway.

These people are the kind of people who are literally changing the world. One woman is working on using lasers on spaceships to deflect asteroids away from Earth, (there is one heading in our direction now and could even have the potential to enter our orbit in the next 15-20 years and if it would hit earth we will probably all perish just like the dinosaurs-so her work is kind of important- and also sounds crazy cool) another is working on a cure for malaria and another on 'sleeping sickness,' and there are a couple using photosynthesis as a model to develop more efficient solar energy devices.

However brilliant and important these people may be and however inadequate and foolish we may have felt around them- everything changed the moment we got them in wetsuits and sent them out into the ocean in Kayaks. They were so fantastically horrible it made us feel much better about ourselves.  

Watching smart people awkwardly fall into the ocean for no reason other than their own lack of balance or try SO hard to paddle in one direction but instead end up heading full speed into the exact opposite direction was truly a hilarious spectacle to witness.

It was another great week at Camas getting to introduce people to new things and different challenges while getting to know tons of stuff in return.