Thursday, 21 June 2012

We are a family again

On 2nd June six intrepid families set off on a short notice adventure to Camas. The 16 young people and 11 slightly older people arrived in glorious sunshine and were warmly welcomed by friendly staff. A first evening with tasty pasta bake followed by reflection, hot chocolate, games, chatting and singing before cosy beds was a good start to the holiday.
 The sun continued to shine on the families over the days as they kayaked, swam, trembled on precarious ledges, played games, raced rafts, skimmed stones, planted sunflowers, played more games, sang songs, dug peat and created artistic masterpieces on rocks, paper and even the wind turbine tail. Laughter (especially giggles) filled the Camas air as friendships deepened and families made special memories together.

A trip to the bright lights of Iona provided opportunity for shopping, ice creams and crabbing on the jetty as well as space, meeting more friends and remembering.
A magical evening was spent at Market Bay on the Wednesday evening with baked potatoes around the camp fire, a beautiful reflection looking out over the islands and football on the beach in the warm evening sunshine.

 The group were treated to a spectacular sunset over the sea. Several stayed to camp in the dunes, enjoying time together around the fire as well as the priviledge of using the toilet with the best view in the world! The next morning, just as people were pondering how the holiday could get any better, the boat carrying the camp equipment back to Camas was joined by dolphins who leapt and played around the boat right into the bay. Onlookers on the shore jumped in the boat, and others kayaked out, to see the dolphins close up - amazing!

The families rose to the Camas Challenge producing a stunningly decorated olympic-themed space for the evening, a feast of pizza, dolphin biscuits (of course!) and Camas Cocktails, plus entertainment with their very own olympic games (well done Sweden, never mind about the football!).
The final reflection gave space to encourage and thank each other, and the amazing Camas staff, and to look back on achievements, contributions and fun times together. A medal ceremony and bedtime story concluded a fantastic week.
The friends said goodbye to each other and to Camas, taking with them their treasures from the beach, an abundance of memories and a little of the peace of the place.
Keep Calm and Think Of Camas!