Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Way-Ay Den Jordies

I remember a time back in Spring, when the dolphins came calling across the blue sea.
Along with them came a group from the town of Hartlepool in the country of Englandshire  (who don’t have the best track-record with wildlife considering the most famous historical moment of said town is hanging a Monkey for treason!!!!!). However this group seemed to get on with the surrounding nature very well, and were very happy not to be sitting at their school desks. Instead they chose to spend their days wandering across Islands (shall we say Mull and Iona) gathering rocks at the seashore to identify their age and rarity – to take home some precious, and to skim & skip others. Sitting on the sands at North end of Iona seemed like a Caribbean holiday, along with a wee bit of authentic sunburn, and lots of football. Along with seeing the oldest gravestones in the new museum; we even took over one of the chapels at the famous Iona abbey to retell the story of Oz and the many monks who lived on the ‘Isle surrounded by Sea’ and when they first met the ‘Jordies’ lead by ‘Way-Ay-den.’
Back at camas we all dived into the classic activities that make the week so fun. Although the chores were more challenging for some than for others – when faced with the terror of ...... Pete the chicken (she’s a gentle feathered friend you know) – rubber eggs were flying all over the coup. But really the teachers did very well in leading the way with the rest of the group in jollity and enjoying the holiday (even if some of them were very chicken-wary).
The week was topped off in style with a tasty Camas challenge, and energetic game of sniper. The beautiful decoration echoed the reflection with words from the heart about what everyone had found positive on their holiday here.