Saturday, 15 June 2013

Seals and dolphins

This week we had a week from Mussleborough near Edinburgh. Right at the start of the week we had some "bog incidents" were some young people went waist deep into the bog around Camas. Luckily everyone was rescued and no one was lost…
The entire group loved splashing in water during kayaking and coasteering. One of the kayaking sessions ended with two girls having a fantastic time capsizing each other again and again. They had a lot of fun even when the boats were full of water. “They fill up again anyway! Why should we empty them?”
Another highlight of the week was trip to Iona. The trip ended with a ride on Mark Jardines boat “Birthe-Marie”. One half of the group went towards Erraid and spotted some seals; the other half got taken back to Camas and spotted a dolphin. What exciting wildlife!
The week ended with a great Camas challenge. We had a fire at the beach, of course with hot chocolate. Another lovely moment was when they presented each staff member a bracelet that they had bought for us on Iona.
On Friday morning the group sang about ten times “Happy Birthday” for Avril. They also gave her a lovely birthday card.