Friday, 14 March 2014

Who but new life is coming?

The Camas resident couple, the Oyster Catchers I always see them together. Do they see they are two individuals come together, or as one living in unity? Today on the Island at the water’s edge, their long yellow beaks pluck, I can only guess at small crustaceans. To find out I’d have to look them up. If I move closer they will fly away. Their out of sight now and I wonder where they will nest, perhaps they’ve already made one. Will it be the same spot as last year?
I wonder about the other birds that make Camas bay their nesting home. The Raven, Snipe, Song Thrush, Wren and so many other birds. And what about the Seals, Otters, Mink and Cetaceans, the snail of land and snail of sea, the lichen, the kelp, trees, mycelium and sheep. Where will they rear their young, what happens to plants as spring is on the cusp? Who but new life is coming? The sky lights up our day longer as Sun warms seedlings and life filled bones. Sky carries water which quenches and washes Earth. Feeding our oceans we love so much. Wind moves the clouds, brings coolness and warmth, blowing old cobwebs away. It propels the blades of our turbine feeding electricity into the veins of Camas power supply. Here we are human, oyster catcher, wind and Sky, land and life hidden in the undergrowth and crevices of pink granite rock. Who but new life is coming?

I wonder if I could trade a piece of granite for a camera? or this picture of a minki whale I found on line.