Saturday, 3 May 2014

April SUnshine

Abbi spotted this Emperor Moth outside our kitchen window last week.

The last month has flown by like geese migrating. We had an epic Work Week, in which a bundle of jobs got done by top folk. Some regulars and some new. All embraced the totally random and fun experience. Trying out new skills such as building a cupboard to store games. Digging up turf from an over grown lazy bed and using it to make a green roof on the round house, thus giving us a new bed to plant potatoes. There were some diligent cooch grass pickers as much as there was also what seems like a hundred willow trees planted by a team of folk headed up by an old camas staff member David. who also bought his two children for the week. David has an array of foresty schooly knowledge to share, from foraging to willow structure weaving. Because of him we now enjoy seaweed and comfry fritters and fried nettles. I was very grateful to Sue who taught myself and a few others how to felt. We didn't have the ideal wool to felt with, so we improvised. I used Tawhai's (Jon's dog) hair that id saved from brushing him and some of the yarn that i bet has inhabited the art room for some years. It worked out well making a lovely purse.

              Self Portraits and thoughts/dreams/Ideas

After work week, the centre was ready. We received our first and so far most noisy group, of young people from Govan in Glasgow through Aberlour youth point. Daniel one of the young folk, commented that they were/would be the most noisy. Well we shall see, they set a good bench mark. When they come again, I think i might just carry my ear plugs in my pocket, just in case. They Embraced the cold and then the hot water bottles. Whilst fluey Ben, one of Iona Communities youth workers joined the group to work with them on finding out about their linked history with Iona. The big George Mcloud (not spelt this way of course) used to be a minister at old Govan parish church. The church itself lies next to some very ancient Viking Stones, to which it takes care of. Govan famous for its ship building in times gone by, now struggles with high unemployment. Ben wanted the young people to get inspired and find out who else was connected to their local history. Billy Connely worked there in the ship yards and Alex Ferguson also was born there. Jonny and Julie were amazing group leaders. I couldn't help laugh so much when Jonny made a stunning self portrait... and Julie was inspired by the collection of wool, to demonstrate her Camas Hair style.

The week was packed full with all kinds of experiences, fun, challenging and delicious. Larissa's pizza was mentioned a few times. What was also very cool, was that they had a film maker following them around. Another John, so we had Jon, Jonny and John. Watch this space for the film.

The following week we had a group of young people from the north and south of Mull for a day of fun outdoor activities brought along by our old manager Mary. Then for a couple of nights a returning group of young carers from Oban. Some new and many old faces, a real treat. So glad to see them again, and witness them developing into strong independent people. One of my favourite moments was the dressing up in the art room, if I can remember right, We had a wee Bob Marley, a beach dragon, a couple of glitzy gals, a Greek sun goddess and a killer bride. So good.

Now we have our new volunteers. Five new and one returner from last year. since last week we've been having staff training. Gently, (i say lightly), introducing them to Camas and its intricate very varied ways. Theres been plenty of laughter, washing up and some how sun!

Here they are Michaela, Issac, Sophie (that makes two of us!) Madeline, Rachel and Larissa (our returner from last year).

Our Garden week has just begun with some of our new arrivals trickling down the track!

Till next time, I leave you with some words that have been added to the Poetry Net in the Art room...
Have Fun! and thank you for appreciating my dislexia