Thursday, 31 July 2014

Reflection at Camas

A Council of Animals came to Camas

And this is what they told us.


In places like Lanzarote sharks are hunted for the fins on their backs, which are cut off for things like shark fin soup. The sharks are then released back into the ocean where they will eventually die due to the fact they can’t swim without their fins.

In Australia it is law that if you see a shark near the beach you must destroy the shark which is horrible as that is the sharks natural habitat and they are being killed just for living because people view them as dangerous and violent when in fact they don’t attack unless provoked and the reason so many surfers get attacked is that the shark thinks they are a seal which is their favourite food. Sharks kill less than 10 people a year but they are still viewed as the most violent animals in the sea.

By Jade Reid from The Barn Glasgow.

I am a Giraffe. Humans affect my habitat by chopping down trees. This affects me by depriving me of my food.

By Courtney from The Barn Glasgow.


I am a Rhino, I live in Africa. I’m hunted for my horn. It is valued in China for its believed medicinal purposes. I am a peaceful animal. I am a herbivore. I am a mammal and take care of my young. In East Africa I am hunted so much that many of my family have vanished. People who protect us cut off our horns, now we are naturally growing smaller horns.

Now we have guardsmen with guns who protect us all day and night every day, because people come with helicopters to hunt us and steal our horns. People are doing this because they have hungry families.

I don’t know why humans are so destructive and don’t listen to each other.

By Soph from Camas

The Polar Bear, Scottish Salmon, honey bee, Tiger, Scottish Wild Cat, Koala Bear and more each also shared what life is like for them today. All had a sad tale to tell about how humans are influencing their decline.