Saturday, 16 August 2014

Community kids

Jenga dragon
During the Community Kids week we had a "Camas Exam" where the kids made up questions in the Camas fashion. Here some highlights:

What is the exact temperature of your back left tooth? - warmer than the back right tooth

Why is a rock called rock? - because it rhymes with sock

What does music taste like? - Raspberry Pavlova

Who would win in a dance battle; a lamp post or a mail box? - Lamp post methinks

What is the exact weight of a feather? - Depends how fat the chicken is.

How many milliseconds are in a kilometre? - every single one of them

who put the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? - the little man who poos gold... he thought it was a loo-with-a-view

We also had an amazing Camas Challenge. The upstairs dining room was amazingly decorated like a jungle (as was some faces). After a scrumptious meal we went for a game of camouflage behind the garden.
Jungle pick nick

Hannah's pride and joy

during camouflage