Saturday, 16 August 2014


It was lovely to have the Cre8 crew back at Camas. All the young people were new but the leaders had all been at Camas before. It was lovely to meet former Camas residents and volunteers and work side by side.  They felt like friends right from the start.
Camas makrel
Like last year, they were keen on the "Iron man challenge". The challenge is to go swimming every morning. It was amazing to see the young people standing by the shore, supporting each other and cheering each other on for getting into the water. There was a great amount of splashing and fun in the water every morning.
Although the weather was rainy and a bit grey, it was a great week. We had many games and songs in the common room at night. Some of the kids who weren't convinced at the start joined in later in the week and seemed to appreciate what Camas had to offer.
Many kids especially liked to go fishing and caught tasty fish.
During one of the art sessions, Tim built a fire lantern. On the last night after Camas Challenge he lit it and we watched it float up between the two cottages, light up and fall onto the wheelbarrows.
amazing group