Sunday, 28 June 2015

Faith in Throughcare (6/06/15 - 12/06/15)

Another adult group this week at Camas. Faith in Throughcare had a long journey up but made it in one piece and brought the good weather with them. It was a great week for sunbathing, whelk collecting and laughter. Given that the group brought what was probably the equivalent of a suitcase full of snacks and sweets, which they were happy to share, we were permanently full and on a mild sugar rush over pretty much the full course of the week.
Peat cutting in the sun (or sitting, drinking hot chocolate next to the peat in the sun as it quickly became) was a good laugh especially as it became more and more competitive. At long last we got a chance to go out in the kayaks as well as getting out to the quarry for some climbing. Even with some of the group being pretty nervous to go out it was a real highlight for many of the guys and there were a couple of real naturals.

The final day was a real climax with one of the most hilarious (and wrought with sabotage) raft races that I’ve ever seen. The Camas challenge was also risen to with a three course meal, a great atmosphere and a bonfire based reflection before the most chaotic ceilidh that you could imagine. It was a brilliant finish to an amazing week. Thanks to all who helped make it such a great time and we look forward to having you again.