Sunday, 28 June 2015

Grassmarket (30/05/15 - 5/06/15)

An adult group at Camas for this week, making a change to the Camas norm but still with the relentless enthusiasm normally associated with younger groups. The Grassmarket project- an Edinburgh based community project with skills development, social enterprise and a nurturing environment at its heart- came up alongside a number of Edinburgh University students. 

The group were already in high spirits upon arriving with plenty of chatting and singing on the bus over. They rapidly formed a strong community with plenty of laughter and even more singing over dinner. The week was full of high points, from sprinting into the sea at Market Bay through to raft building and of course not forgetting plenty of good chats by the fire late into the evening. The day trip to Iona was especially good fun with genuinely sunny Scottish weather (yes really!) making an afternoon at the beach and exploring the Abby the perfect way to spend the day. 

Throughout the week we were treated to a spectacular display of wildlife with otters, dolphins and seals all making appearances in the bay and one member of the group even coming within meters of a swooping golden eagle. Massive thanks to the group for the fantastic fun, infectious enthusiasm (especially when it came to cleaning toilets) and great company over the week. You guys really were brilliant!