Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hello there everyone, it is May 1st, and I coming to you once again with another live action report from Camas. Now, where do I begin? Last weekend we had an incredible group of young people from Glasgow. They were students from all over the world~Some were from Africa, some from Asia, some from the middle East. We took them out ab sailing from our quarry wall, hiked up to the trig point, had loads of rain, but still had fun anyway. We even hiked to Market Bay-one of our favorite nearby beaches, and all the young men and male staff immediately set into an epic game of football while the ladies did beach art and some dancing. Boy, can those guys play-even in the pouring rain-I must say those young men had game! We also went sailing in the Freya boat from Iona; our friend Mark is the captain of this ship, and he made sure we all had a turn at steering her. We encountered lots of singing and dancing, and on their last night with us they even made us dinner using recipes from their countries, we sung and danced some more, and then we had to bid them a very fond farewell. Then, we all had a much needed two days off-some went to Glasgow, some to Oban, and some stayed home here and chilled. Then, when we all came back we had the privilege of seeing two dolphins out in our bay-a real treat, and after that we spent some time getting ready for our Camas opening party, which included a traditional Scottish Cailee dance. We even made sure to buy some pretty colorful outfits for the event at the local charity shop. We invited all the locals and our friends from Iona-a good forty people showed up I think, and we all had a blast. I had never been to a Cailee before, but I loved it...absolutely loved it. And that brings us to today-today it is May day, and after a morning of chores we're all off until Monday. This week is an open week and we do have a guest coming, so it is some good easy training for those of us who are newer here; I even hear that we're going to do some wild camping. Anyway, you'll hear more next time, and until then I will leave you with a Rob fact: 'Did you know that on the other end of our Camas bay there is a salt marsh, and it is one of the most diverse ecological regions around-and we have it.' Rob taught me that, and believe me there is plenty more where that came from. Cheers.